UN Geneva-10th session of the EMRIP. WIPO -Indigenous Peoples Commission Statement of Lydia Margossian from the AAWA

The Assembly of Armenians of Western Armenia would very much like to welcome this meeting organised by WIPO ( World intellectual Property Organisation) .
Indeed , the work of WIPO is crucial for the Indigenous peoples and would like to emphasize this point .
Because we are discussing about the protection of the traditional knowledges , the cultural expressions and the genetically resources .
But what is the most important thing is the access to the genetically ressources that is to say to the land because most of indigenous peoples and we Armenians don’t have access to the land.
So it is a really important issue to raise because we are occupied and our traditional knowledges and cultural expressions are vanishing , disappearing.
So I just give you an example , when we talk about misappropriation of our traditional knowledges , we have to discus on the fact that , it’s not just by stealing or abusing that we have been misappropriated but also by criminal ways.
So I really urge Indigenous peoples to to be here in WIPO to protect their rights.
Thank you very much.

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