The speech of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Karnig Sarkissian

The speech of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Karnig Sarkissian during the event organized by the Government of Western Armenia State on 27 April 2017
“In the memory of victims of genocide perpetrated against the Armenians during 1894-1923”

Let me make my speech without a foreword on Armenian Genocide. What was told during the events of April organized by Armenian communities around the world is already sufficient.
The main fact that we should be aware of and admit today is that the liberation process of occupied territories of Western Armenia and Cilicia, is directly connected with both regional and world political and strategic developments.
The implementation of rights issues of Armenians, and other peoples of the region, are unavoidably associated with the formation of the region’s comprehensive further status. There are no solutions separated from each other. Thus, the attempts of settling separate issues are nothing but a lie. All those attempts can only disorient us from the true path for the implementation of our rights, and use our people as either an instrument or subject to create unnecessary conflicts, while the principal concerned nations of the region, are once again exploited and exposed to bloodsheds in favor of the benefits of others.
Fact; the issues of Artsakh, Kurds, Yezids, Christian minorities .. etc.
Based on this conviction, by the logics of this declaration I shall direct my speech to three parties.
1. International family
Due to the conception of UN organization, International society is introduced as the author, guarantor and protector of the international law.
There are already several treaties, resolutions, declarations, arbitral awards and other documents of international recognition on the independence of Western Armenia and Cilicia, which were signed and officially adopted by the international society, and have been outlined in compliance with the articles of international law.
The historical experience shows that several influential members of the international family trampled underfoot both the International law and the rights of Armenian and other nations for the benefit of their own interests. The policy of those members leaded the region to the edge of destruction, and due to irresponsible attitude it was possible to make the cradle of an ancient nation that has a history of thousands of years and enlightening culture, into a den of bloodthirsty demonic terrorists and murderers.
We summon to international family to return and restore the priority and superiority of the principles of the international law, therefore to respect their own signatures placed by their own hands under the treaties and arbitral awards outlined and admitted by themselves, then come together with the new/old members of the international family, the representatives of the Republic of Western Armenia, to correct the mistakes of the past and discuss the practical terms of peace and stability in the region, taking into consideration the interests and guarantees of all parties, for the sake of peace and stability of the whole world.
The Armenians, as have always been, shall stand again for their responsibilities by suggesting a realistic road map for the reestablishment of the Republic of Western Armenia, and its constructive further role for the prosperity of the region and all nations of the world. The Road Map is
already in communication with certain sides and open to enlarge the discussions circle as per interest and necessities.
2. Nations, Indigenous peoples, ethnic and religious minorities of the region
The Nations, Indigenous peoples, ethnic and religious minorities of the region shall be assured that the reestablishment of the Republic of Western Armenia by the means of International law shall not be regarded as any kind of treat neither for the near and nor for the distant neighboring nations of the region. Quite the reverse, the Republic of Western Armenia by adopting the principles of armed neutrality, shall be one of the major supporters of regional and international peace and stability, and it shall guarantee the safety and free life for the ethnic and religious minorities, according to the terms and conditions explained in Articles 2 to 8 of Chapter 1 of the sub treaty signed in Sevres (10 August 1920) between the Principal Allied powers and the Independent State of Armenia.
3. Worldwide spread, decedents of forcefully deported Armenians in Diaspora, and those living in the occupied territories of Western Armenia and Cilicia
Dear fellow Armenians, in this historic and unique times , we urge you to wake up and get rid of defeatist propaganda which have been spread among our societies for a whole century, and led to nowhere but dead ends and frustrations. We have all the rights and means to liberate our occupied lands and reestablish our motherland in Western Armenia and Cilicia, by standing for our rights and engage in real work on the right path away from seeking and begging for useless “Recognitions”.
The moral recognition of genocide has no power in the world of international law. Only the condemnations of genocide which contain clear referring to related articles of the international laws may give some extra strength to the political-legal process for the actual territorial, political and financial reparations of our rights, but recognition was never a precondition, and can never be, for motherland’s liberation affairs. A collective awareness among Diaspora Armenians about these facts is an imperative must today.
What concerns to the term of “Demanding”, be informed that no matter how fare our rights might be and comply with international laws, they will never become into realty by only declarative “Demandings”. You may organize protests in front of any embassies but you will receive nothing.
The rights shall be implemented step by step according to clear and comprehensive plans and “Road Maps”, ..but not by emotional demands. Have anyone asked the organizers of the protests during all the passing decades “What’s the plan?”, ..Then DO.
One more point. A very essential one. Who convinced our people that we need to discuss our rights with our enemy who is occupying our lands, fortunes, hopes and future, and destroying our heritage and history every day? We urge you to stop this tragedy. The realization of our rights has one, and only one address, THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY AND THE INTERNATIONAL LAW.
Thank you for your presence dears, together we will bring all our rights from documents to realization field, as we have already worked our way up so far.
Karnig Sarkissian Minister of Foreign Affairs Republic of Western Armenia
27.04.2017 Tsitsernagabert, Yerevan

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