FROM 1894 TO 1915 TWO MILLION ARMENIANS VICTEMS OF A GENOCIDE COMMITTED BY THE BARBARIC SAVAGE TURKISH GOVERNMENT ,TURKEY GUILTY OF MANY GENOCIDES , MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS , ARMENIANS , GREEKS , ASSYRIANS ALL VICTIMS OF GENOCIDAL NATION OF TURKS !!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora_M… for much more information about the Armenian Genocide go tohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian… Cherishing The Memory Of Our Ancestors

Two exceptional books on the Armenian Genocide, “Genocide of Armenians through Swedish Eyes” by Goran Gunner and “Ravished Armenia: The real life story of Aurora Mardiganian” are among new releases, as Armenians worldwide commemorate the 98th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. The books have been published with Ameria Groupís support in eternal memory of the souls lost in the Armenian Genocide.

The presentation of the books by Hayk Demoyan, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Director, was followed by a screening of a piece from the first Hollywood film on Armenian Genocide called Ravished Armenia. The film has been later renamed to The Auction of Souls.

In 1918, sixteen year-old Arshalouys Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor and eyewitness of the Armenian Genocide, showed the world the ugliness and horror of genocide through her memoirs, followed by a silent film. The story of Aurora-a girl from Chmshkatsag, an Armenian populated town in the Ottoman Empire, gave an accurate and detailed account of her terrible experiences during the Genocide. Aurora played herself in the film The Auction of Souls. Ambassador Henry Morgenthau played himself as the American Ambassador to Turkey, and famous film stars Irving Cummings and Anna Q. Nilsson were given major roles in the film.
Only a piece of “The Auction of Souls” has been saved and now it is available on DVD with the new release of “Ravished Armenia: The real life story of Aurora Mardiganian.”
Today Auroraís story still needs to be told. The new releases will be available for sale on amazon soon. All the proceeds will be donated to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and Genocide recognition cause.

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