Armenian Woman With Her Child Tortured To Death

Three photos depicting women and children victims of the Genocide against Armenians were published in the Russian journal “Iskra” (Sparks), No 18, 18 October 1915. This photo is one of those representing an episode of the Genocide of Armenians.

There are empty carts next to the dead body of a martyred woman; by the command of the Young Turks government the caravan of the Armenian deportees was moving to the Mesopotamian deserts – the point of exile.

Progression of the Russian Army on the Caucasian front gave opportunity to the journalists and media correspondents covering the military operations to enter the areas where the Armenians were tortured and slaughtered, their properties were robbed and the Armenian settlements were totally destroyed several days and weeks ago.

Very soon photos proving the Turkish atrocities against the Armenians appeared in media, mainly taken by the foreign missioners, Russian soldiers and Armenian volunteers.


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