The meaning of the word “Kaghand” (Կաղանդ)

Dear compatriots,

The ministry of Science and Education of Western Armenia government represents the meaning of the word “Kaghand” (Կաղանդ), and the concept of the celebration.

In English the word “land” means country, “երկիր” or soil, “հող”.

The English word “land” originated from the Armenian word “աղանդ”. It suggests that “աղանդավոր” is a person with earthly and materialistic interests. In this sense, Acharyan brings words that have the same stem such as “աղանդաբեր” which means “հողաբեր”, and  “աղանդագործ” which means “հողագործ”. The ancient name of the city in Middle Asia Samarkand (Սամարղանդ) was Marakand (Մարաղանդ), which also originated from Armenian word “աղանդ”, and shows that the city belonged to Medes (Մարեր): The name of the city Marakand (Մարաղանդ) also has a connection with Maryland state in the USA, which means “the city of Medes”.

By adding the letter “K”, “Կ” to the word “աղանդ”, we will have the word “Կաղանդ”. Many of our compatriots, who are spread in different parts of the world and also in the Western Armenia, by saying “Կաղանդ”, understand New Year.

In the entire history of humanity New Year’s Day has always been a subject of constant change. The word “Կաղանդ”, in its wide sense, describes the whole concept of New Year. Some may wonder how? As we all know in winter the land is frozen, so it is infertile. The letter “K”, “Կ” in the beginning of a word marks the start of a new circulation. Hence, adding the letter “K”, “Կ” to the word “աղանդ”, means the beginning of the vital activity of the soil again. Celebrating New Year on December 25 or January 1 is not right.

The Trndez (Տրնդեզ) tradition, which has a long history, has been preserved throughout many years and is always celebrated on February 14. Trndez (Տրնդեզ) reminds that soon the ice and snow will melt, which starts after the Fasting (ծոմապահություն), when we enter New Year. Based on today’s calendar it is 19th February, when spring is close.

With the beginning of spring, we enter Pisces constellation, because on that days fishes start laying eggs in the water. Hence not only soil is waking up but also animals. They pass to the circulation of their vital activity, that is, they enter New Year.

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