It is likely that the Armenian castle Oshin in Cilicia will be restored

In the province of Mersin, Western Armenia,  Armenian Oshin Castle (Turkish name: Sinap Fortress) needs to be repaired. Turkish “Dogan” news agency reports.

According to the source, this Armenian medieval castle was used by Armenians in the 10th and 11th centuries for defense purposes, but now it is in ruins.Local residents are worried that the castle will soon disappear.

According to the source, Turkish citizens are demanding to restore it to develop tourism.

A citizen from Ankara who visited Adana says, “The fortress is in a miserable state. My children wanted to see it, but it is completely destroyed. I’m scared to go in. I worry that my children can get hurt”.

Another tourist who came to see the castle with his family demanded that repair works begin as soon as possible.


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