Turkey is annoyed by Greek President’s statement on genocide in Yerevan

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy responded to Greek President’s statement on the Genocide against Armenians during his visit to Armenia.

“We see that Greece continues to show hostile attitude towards  Turkey and support the views and positions expressed against our country,” Aksoy mentioned.

The latter, citing a number of baseless allegations noted that today Athens exerts pressure on the Turkish minority in Greece.

Referring to the genocide issue, the Turkish official said:

“Turkey’s stance on the 1915 events is reflected in President Erdogan’s statement of April 23, 2014. No other explanation is needed. “

Greek President sent a message to Turkey from Armenia. The Greek President, in a joint press release with President of the Republic of Armenian  Armen Sargsyan, touched upon the issue of Genocide against Armenians and the Genocide against Pontic Greeks, stating that Turkey should reconcile with its history and take responisbility for it.

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