The case begins on May 9, 2016, President Armenak Abrahamian rightly proposes, a draft Constitution for Western Armenia, this draft Constitution is adopted unanimously in the Parliament except one person, the President of the Parliament Armen Ter-Sarkisyan.

This Constitution is based on the semi-presidential system, in this case Parliament Speaker  Armen Ter-Sarkisyan had to share decision-making power with the President of the Republic Armenak Abrahamyan.

The second stage of this issue continues when President Armenak Abrahamian proposes a law to ratify the Treaty of Sèvres, this law is adopted unanimously except for one vote that of the president of the Parliament Armen Ter-Sarkisyan with the pseudo “dictatura”. Based in Russia, this person without taking into account the ratification rules noted on the last pages of the Treaty, directly opposes the President of the Republic. The situation was so unbearable for the two accomplices that the notorious Prime Minister Tigran Pashabezian sent his resignation letter to the President of the Republic on March 30, 2017.

President Armenak Abrahamian, after several weeks of reflection accepts the resignation of Tigran Pashabezyan, on May 31, 2017.

Leaving, the sulphurous Tigran Pashabezyan leads Armen Ter-Sarkisyan and a few other deputies (Armenak Harmandayan) and members of the government into his journey. So in June 2017, they set out to form another government of Western Armenia essentially based on Facebook, obviously having no operating structure.

Le premier acte de ce groupuscule dissident, Tigran Pashabezyan, après s’être autoproclamé premier ministre et après avoir désigné un soi-disant président Radig Khamoyan, tout en gardant Armen Ter-Sarkisyan et Armenak Harmandayan a été, de condamner à mort le Président Armenak Abrahamian ce qui a fait l’objet d’une procédure en correctionnelle, évidemment.

The first act of this dissident group, Tigran Pashabezyan, after having proclaimed himself Prime Minister and after designating a so-called President Radig Khamoyan, while keeping Armen Ter-Sarkisyan and Armenak Harmandayan, sentenced President Armenak Abrahamian to death which was the subject of a correctional procedure, obviously.

Apart from facebook, this criminal group (unable to form a real and representative structure) owns the  “Noyan Tapan” website based in Yerevan, and unfortunately, it was recently revealed that the French “Noyan Tapan” e-newspaper also belongs to them.

On August 7, 2019, during a ceremony in memory of the ASALA fighters at the Yerablur Memorial Pantheon in the presence of Vazgen Sislian, President Armenak Abrahamyan stood before fake President Radik Khamoyan and said: “You have signed my death sentence, but now I am standing in front of you. What will you do?” In response, Radik Khamoyan raised his leg to strike President Armenak Abrahamyan, who avoided the blow. Vazgen Sislian asked President Armenak Abrahamyan not to respond to this provocation.

In response to an article issued by “Noyan Tapan” France and signed by a criminal group within the framework of the 9th anniversary of the formation of the Government of Western Armenia, on February 4, 2020, President Armenak Abrahamyan calls on the sponsors of this dissident and criminal group to be “more generous” , when you want to support criminals who are against Western Armenia. ”

He emphasizes the following: “The funds provided by harmful sponsors, as well as the political and financial support provided to these criminals are known to our internal services and  are not sufficient to damage or destroy the state structure of Western Armenia.

President Armenak Abrahamian, Prime Minister Karnig Sarkisian, the government of Western Armenia, the deputies of the Parliament of Western Armenia and all the political class of Western Armenia condemn these acts aimed at destroying the structure of Western Armenia.

Pourtant, malgré de multiples tentatives, depuis sa formation en 2004, aucun force politique téléguidée par des officines d’Etats ou groupes criminels, n’a pu faire plier et ne pourra faire plier la structure d’Etat d’Arménie Occidentale, l’Arménie Occidentale s’en trouve systématiquement renforcée.

However, despite multiple attempts, since its formation in 2004, no political force guided by criminal groups has been able to disturb and will not be able to disturb the state structure of Western Armenia, the Western Armenia is systematically reinforced.

In solidarity with the legitimate government of Western Armenia, you can send this message to “Noyan Tapan” <> and a copy to

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