Turkey saves terrorists in Syria by sending them to Libya

Turkey does not conceal its support for the Government of National Accord, reports North Press Agency.

According to a source in the Afrin region, Turkish special services have opened an office to recruit mercenaries. After the recruitment, they will send them to Libya. According to reports, the office is headed by Abu Surat Turkmen, head of one of the pro-Turkish armed groups, which operates under the direct supervision of Turkish secret services.

The office’s task is to register mercenaries to take part in the so-called Government of National Accord’s military operations in the territory of Afrin.

The first group of new fighters is expected to leave for North Africa at the end of next week. The militants are now accommodated at the Amir al-Gubar school.

By doing so, the Turkish government is actively trying to present its country’s foreign policy as a peacekeeping operation and even a “historic mission”. In fact, Turkey, simply ignoring international law, is an aggressor in the Arab world.

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