The Coronavirus and Western Armenia

WESTERN ARMENIA – Turkey is expanding its measures, without an order for containment or official quarantine. The discipline of the populations living in Turkey and Western Armenia makes it possible to avoid any curfew linked to the Coronavirus.

However, there was a curfew in various parts of occupied Western Armenia throughout 2019, when there was not even a word about Coronavirus.

The death toll in Turkey unfortunately now reaches 4 people and 359 people are infected with coronavirus.

Western Armenia, being unique and affirming the sacred rule of the Garden of Eden, has so far not reported an infection or death due to coronavirus, except for “accidental death” occurring for other reasons.

However, since this day of the Armenian New Year and with the coming of spring, after snowmelt and rising temperatures, activities in Western Armenia will only develop, even if tourism this year is a major blow to all countries and Western Armenia.

So we can advise our population in Western Armenia to stay alert, pay attention, and follow simple rules to prevent the spread of the virus. To maintain good health you need to eat balanced and natural food, do regular physical and breathing exercises, and meditation.

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