Karin, March 21, 2020


Dear Mr. President,

Every day, like you, I also follow the development of the epidemic in our country and around the world, and especially the decisions made during this period, which I get thanks to the e-mails from the White House.

Indeed, the time has come for everyone to receive free tests so that they can have an accurate understanding of the evolution of the epidemic and be able to confront it individually.

This personalized strategy should be applied in all countries, including Western Armenia. However, as you can see from the statistics, Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Turkey, so I adopted a decree stating the temporary closure of the land, sea and air borders of Western Armenia with Turkey. It will help prevent the spread of the virus and save the lives of our people.

As you know, this border of arbitral award between Western Armenia and Turkey was approved and signed on November 22, 1920 by 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson.

In the context of the arbitral award, I ask for your support to Western Armenia in all possible ways, in the context of minor movements between the two countries, by temporarily closing the entire border, establishing and controlling expanded border entry.

Standing up for the responsibility of saving the lives of the entire population and realizing the magnitude of this request, I ask you, Mr. President, to consider this vital and important request.


Best regards,


President of the Republic of Western Armenia

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