WESTERN ARMENIA – The first case of Covid-19 has just appeared in Syria, the US / NATO axis visibly judges the moment fairly opportune to attack directly Russian military bases in Syria.

Especially since the situation begins to escape from Ankara in Idlib where the terrorists so long pampered by the “Sultan” have multiplied in recent days attacks against the Turkish army. Some analysts see this new phenomenon as a time bomb which could well explode in the face of Ankara who despising his truce with Putin, continues to multiply his observation posts at Jisr al-Choghour, because it is there that should start the new battle of Idlib. It is about this battle that General Sergei Choigou, Russian Minister of Defense spoke on Monday with President Assad in Damascus.

It is against the backdrop of these intra-camp tensions atlantist that a first major ballistic strike, obviously from the Mediterranean has just taken place against Hmeimim and the city of Jebla, this air base which shelters hundreds of planes, but also S-400 missile batteries that the US / Israel axis has been trying to “neutralize” for three years.  Has the S-400 been activated? Al Masdar News says that “the Russian military has activated the Syrian-Russian anti-aircraft batteries deployed on the base following a major attack attempt” which may have involved “” swarm drones “or” missiles “. In the past, this type of strike was launched from the Idlib-Latakia axis, the famous M4 occupied by terrorists from HTC and the Al-Turkistani Party.While the axis is still occupied by these same people who refuse to evacuate it, it may be that the attack is their work. But given its intensity, it may have been led by the main party pulling the militia’s strings, which is pushing NATO to send troops to Idlib.

Let us recall that the American-NATO attempts to open a new front in Hassaké, on the east of the Euphrates where the Russian base of Qamishli gives the latter real grains to grind and continue to multiply. Turkey deprived the population of drinking water in order to provoke them against the Syrian army and Russian forces. But a very significant incident occurred on Monday that should give Americans food for thought. “Equipped with ATGM anti-tank missiles, the Syrian army vigorously repulsed a patrol of US forces which was trying to enter an area under the control of the Syrian and Russian army in the center of the country where Russian and Syrian soldiers are deployed. According to Avia-Pro, the Syrian army was determined to open fire on a US military convoy made up of 11 armored vehicles and heavy equipment, if the latter had refused to turn back.

Sources close to the Syrian and Russian army claim that the Russian-Syrian air force will resume its strikes against Idlib on Wednesday 25 March.  According to Yoruk Isik, the Turkish maritime observatory, faced with the Atilgan missile batteries that Ankara brought this week to Idlib, the Russian counterpart weapons will not be long in arriving. LST ORSK 148 of the 197th fleet of Russian assault ships crossed the Bosphorus Strait and entered Mediterranean waters on Sunday. It goes without saying that the ship is transporting arms and military equipment to Syria, while the Syrian Arab army is preparing to resume its offensive in Idlib.

On Wednesday 25, the ultimatum from Russia to the Turks ends, an ultimatum which requires Ankara to open the passage for Russian patrols M4. The violent missile or simultaneous drone strike on Tuesday morning would speed things up. For some analysts, the visit of the Russian Minister of Defense to Damascus is not good for the camps opposite, certain Russian military circles evoking the sending of the Russian tanks on the Turkish borders: the Russian military units are ready to go to the Turkish borders. We are also talking about tank battalions to deter Erdogan’s troops, even a plan to cross the Georgian border is under consideration, said the deputy director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, in his article.

“This scenario is perfectly conceivable. Ankara could provoke a conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, directly supporting the aggressive actions of Baku. Why not prevent it? In this case, Russia will have to provide assistance to Armenia, because the country is a member of the CSTO. The threat by Turkey to the 102nd Russian base located on the Armenian border of Gyumri (indicated on the map) will force the Russian army to come to the rescue via Georgia, because simply there is no other route. This scenario is perfectly justified since Turkey has threatened to target Russian military planes at Idlib “said the analyst. A question: Will Erdogan go there?



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