Ancient Armenian kingdom of Mitanni

Armenic Sumerian records written ca. 2,700 BC, tell us the story of the Great Flood and the rebirth of Life [the Tree of Life or the Garden [Partez — Paradise — the main motif in the Armenian-Hurrian Mitanni and Araratian reliefs] of Eden located in Armenia — the Land of Four Rivers. Archeologists continue to uncover evidence that Armenia and the Armenian Highlands was the earliest site of human civilization. The earliest record identified with Armenians is from Armenic Sumerian inscriptions around 2700 BC, in which the Armenians are referred to as the sons of Haya, after the regional god of the Armenian Highlands. Another early record identified with Armenians, is from an inscription which mentions Armani together with Ibla, as territories conquered by Naram-Sin (2300 BC) identified with an Akkadian colony in the Diarbekr region

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