The Turkish news website, referring to Western Armenia TV presented the statement of Serdar Unsal, the vice-president of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Friendship Unions. In the statement, the above-mentioned person spoke critically about our television, where he particularly mentioned that all our views and assertions, which consider the occupied Western Armenia an Armenian territory, are wrong. Unsal urged us to stay smart, to forget those assertions if we want to restore friendly relations with Turkey. Otherwise, he threatens that there can be no question of opening the borders.

We would like to remind Unsal that the leaders of his country were the first to speak about relations and friendship with Turkey.  And to forget one’s own history and bloody past is not appropriate for any civilized nation, especially if the perpetrator has never admitted his own crime on the basis of international law and has not paid any kind of compensation. 

Adhering to its principles, Western Armenia continues its work with the same assertions and the same idea.