In order to increase the interest and love of the public for the literature, the Bookinist company will celebrate the “Day and Night of the Book-2021” fest on November 4.

    The Correspondent of “”Armenpress” had a conversation on this topic with the founder of “Bookinist” Khachik Vardanyan, who said that the idea to organize a “Book Night” was born 6 years ago.

    “As part of the fest from 10:00am till 22:00pm books at the bookstore were sold at a discount of 30%. Last year, in order to avoid queues and the spread of Covid, it was turned into a “Day and Night Book” fest. This year we will do the same: that is, on November 4, from 10:00am till 22:00pm, the bookstore will sell books at a discount. And  from 22:00pm till 10:00am the next morning, sales will continue at our online bookstore that is

    The event will be held in all Yerevan bookstores of “Bookinist”, at the bookstores of Sevan and Dilijan, as well as in  Armavir, Masis, Goris and Kapan.

    As part of the holiday, a treat is expected, there will be an opportunity to take pictures with your favorite characters of the book, entertaining games, a raffle and a number of surprises.