The exhibition of Armenian artists “Iran through the eyes of Armenian Artists” opened in the hall of the Armenian Union of Artists.

    Chairman of the Armenian Union of Artists  Suren Safaryan says that the day is significant because the work of many months is being summarized and the foundation of new ideas and programs is being held. 

    “The Union of Artists gives an importance to such cooperation. Օur exhibition today is a vivid proof of this, Armenian artists of different ages have depicted Iran with their ideas. 

    Then 7 participants will have the opportunity to go to Tehran, see with their own eyes and create in Armenia for a new exhibition with the impressions and materials they received,” Suren Safaryan said.

    Iranian Ambassador of Armenia Abas Badakhshan Zohuri thanked the sides for organizing such an exhibition and stressed that the warm and friendly relations between Iran and Armenia go back  for centuries.

    Within the framework of the exhibition, a memorandum was signed between the Armenian Union of Artists and the Iranian Union of Artists of the Islamic Republic.

     Amshen Armenian dance “Ella, Ella”: