I, Tovmas Martirosyan, being the chairman of the Council of  military-patriotic public organization “ATAN” and the commander of the military-patriotic public organization “Nemesis”, declare:

“I have never been a party member and I never intend to. My only party is my country, my homeland, which I will serve until the end of my life. I cannot be bought by the offers of any party, and financial “assistance”. Our Motherland, country, and state need financial assistance. We have patented the land on which we live and our right to life with our blood. Therefore, I ask and urge all parties operating in the Republic of Armenia to refrain from their proposals. You  can’t buy a soldier of the Motherland. If you want to help, you can pay the tractor drivers for digging trenches. Buy houses so that the soldier won’t sleep on the wet ground. Open workplaces in border villages so that a border resident does not leave home. In the end, pay the volunteer who keeps the motherland for free. It will help the population, the army, and we will serve with a clear conscience that we are on the border of the country knowing that  inside the country there are owners of their country.”

President Armenak Abrahamyan expresses gratitude to Commander Martirosyan for the clarifications and calls on the Armenians of the whole world to really realize the turning point of their national history.

Together we will be stronger.