N. Lygeros

Thanks to the works of Raphaël Lemkin on the notion of genocide and the decision of President Woodrow Wilson for the delimitation of Western Armenian frontiers, the Armenian cause has considerably evolved to the point of influencing positively the Greeks of Pontus. So with the Declaration of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Western Armenia, this country reinforced the reality of its liberty. It is also for this reason that the Western Armenia has recognized Lemkin and Wilson as the Righteous for the Armenian cause. So this constitutes the spearhead of a battle of Justice for the Armenian cause which goes far beyond the simple repair. The Armenians and the Greeks of Pontus have united to restore a reality of the past within the future. Without taking into account the will of barbarity, these peoples fight together now to realize their common vision of liberation of their ancestral land. It is for this that numerous Greeks now obtain the identity card of Western Armenia. Because it concerns of a practical action that can be taken at the individual level without having to be accountable to anyone, without waiting diplomatic results which have been delayed for decades. So Western Armenia, which has taken matters into its own hands thanks to the will of fighters who have never forgotten the action of an entire people, transcends the existence of genocide itself. Because the Armenians and the Greeks of Pontus are not only victims of genocide. Armenity and Romiosini are much older and diachronic entities and do not depend solely on genocide. Western Armenia represents in this, a converging objective and its liberation is necessary not only as a territory but above all as a homeland for the people who do not forget the value of liberty because they haven’t been born enslaved as barbarity would want them and they have become liberators for the innocents who have they also have the right to live free and without being afraid of anyone.