Earlier, government officials of the Republic of Armenia, including the Prime Minister, declared their readiness to establish relations with Turkey. “For Armenia, the recognition of the Genocide against Armenians is not only a matter of restoring historical justice, but also the security of the country and the Armenian people,” Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Vahe Gevorgyan said in parliament.

    “We have fixed this in all the fundamental documents, and we will continue to work in this format,” he continued. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in his public statements voiced the position of the Armenian side.

Armenia is ready to discuss the possibilities of building bilateral relations if Turkey is ready to settle them.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said that if Armenia shows “sincere will” to normalize relations with Azerbaijan, there will be no obstacles to normalizing relations with Turkey.

There are no diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey. In 1993, at the initiative of Ankara, the Armenian-Turkish dividing line was closed due to the Artsakh conflict. Turkey has been putting forward a number of preconditions for establishing bilateral ties for decades, in particular, Armenia should abandon the policy of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the Karabakh conflict should be settled.

Western Armenia is against this bilateral-consensus-idea, which adjoins not to the law, but to military violence and ethnic cleansing.

Until now, Turkey has not recognized its historical crime in any way in any international arena, and there has been no compensation for the indigenous Armenian people of Western Armenia. What kind of bilateral relations can we talk about if Turkey has not yet officially recognized and compensated for the fact of the genocides it carried out?

So, first of all, it is necessary to honor the memory of the innocent Armenian martyrs, not forgetting to return the occupied territories and settle the issue of huge material and moral compensation. In this case, nothing can be done without the participation of Western Armenia.

The Government of Western Armenia below recalls the legal framework that must be taken into account to resolve the issue of delimitation and demarcation of borders between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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