The European Court of Human Rights has announced verdicts in the cases of Mamikon Khojoyan, a resident of the village of Verin Karmirahpyur, and Karen Petrosyan, a resident of the village of Chinari, who was captured in Azerbaijan, in 2014. The European Court stated that Baku violated the right of Armenian captives to life and freedom. The ECHR ordered Azerbaijan to pay 40 thousand euros in each case.

    77-year-old Mamikon Khojoyan was captured in January 2014, two months later, on March 4, he was returned to Armenia and died some time later. The forensic examination showed that the cause of Khojoyan’s death was general poisoning of the body. Karen Petrosyan got lost on August 7, 2014, crossed the border, and ended up in an Azerbaijani village. A short time later, the Azerbaijani authorities arrested him and the next day announced that he had died of a heart attack.