The border village of Karzakh Javakhk has a small population. The village is home to 220 families-about 1000 inhabitants. In the village there is a school, a kindergarten, a house-museum of Ashuga Jivani. There is no natural gas, drinking and irrigation water. Young people leave the village whenever possible and settle either in Yerevan or in Russia.

Karzakh is 35 km from Akhalkalaki. The village is mainly engaged in cattle breeding.

    In 2015, in parallel with the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, the Akhalkalaki-Karzakh road was also restored. Before the opening of the border with Turkey, Armenian residents feared for their safety, but after the opening, life mostly proceeded naturally, without any serious incidents. Heavy trucks pass through the Karzakh customs point, which transit to Armenia, Russia or other countries.