At the request of numerous Armenian and non-Armenian programs, the Consul of Western Armenia in South America, Dr. Guillermo Karamanian continued his explanations in the radio station “RAID MEDIÁTICO”, answering questions related to 10 million Armenians who have the right to live in their cradle in Western Armenia.

    In his interview, Dr. Guillermo Karamanian explains that in 1990, from August 23 to 1991, in the period from September 21, the authorities of the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia chose the wrong political form, not considering themselves as legitimate successors of the internationally recognized state of Armenia in 1920. Instead, they decided to assert their rights to the Soviet  and achieve independence, thereby separating from the Armenian State of 1920.

    This division led to the fact that the current Republic of Armenia lost the international right to claim the territory of Western Armenia, and it is this decision that justifies the existence of the current Western Republic of Armenia, which received international law back in 1920.

    He explained  it is necessary that all Armenians become citizens to strengthen the state where their ancestors came from. According to him, we have this international law, and we must act on it.