The Surb Gevorg Church, built in 1650 in the Derik province of the Mardin province of Western Armenia, is watched by local Muslim residents. This is reported by “Voice of America”. The source reports that these Muslim women, considering the church to be Holy for them, clean the territory of the church and monitor it.

    After the genocide committed against the Armenians, the church building was confiscated by the Turkish state and used for many years for various purposes. When the number of Armenians in Gavar began to grow again, in 1957 the church was sold to the local Armenian community. Restored in 2004, the church was reopened. But since only two Armenians lived in Derik, the church remained without a parish. And for many years, a resident of the same quarter, Khatun Chachur, took care of him, who, however, was unable to continue this business in the future due to old age and illness. After Chachur, according to the primary source, the local women took over the church again. Zakaria Sabunju, the last Armenian in Gavar, is the only person who comes here to Akhtamar. In an interview with a correspondent of the Voice of America, he stressed that a few years ago there were 7 churches here, of which only one remained.