BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside Hezbollah and Liwaa Al-Fatemiyoun (Iranian-Afghani paramilitary), made a significant push towards the Deir Ezzor Governorate, Saturday, after launching a powerful assault along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway.

Led by the 5th Corps, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies managed to liberate several points along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway, putting them less than 6km away from the key town of ‘Arak in eastern Homs.

‘Arak is located between Palmyra and the Islamic State (ISIL) stronghold of Sukhnah; its capture is imperative to the Syrian High Command because of its proximity to the latter town.

In addition to its location, the town of ‘Arak is rich with petroleum reserves that come from its nearby gas fields.

If the Syrian Armed Forces can take control of ‘Arak, they will be within striking distance of Sukhnah for the first time in over three years.