Martik Yeremyan was killed by an Azerbaijani on the Shushi-Stepanakert road yesterday. The soldier and three others, having received permission from Russian peacekeepers and Azerbaijanis on this section of the road, which is considered a neutral zone, carried out work to find a new water pipeline. An Azerbaijani approaches them from the post of Turks, says something that the guys do not understand and they say in Armenian that they have a permit and are working on water supply. And it is at this moment that an Azerbaijani soldier pulls out a pistol and shoots Martik Yeremyan from a distance of 5 meters. The rest of the unarmed friends tried to hide, but Azerbaijani soldiers managed to shoot them and leave.

    President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan expresses his condolences to Martik’s parents, family, relatives and friends.

    President Armenak Abrahamyan declares that President Ilham Aliyev is directly responsible for the death of Martik Yeremyan. Hatred by the Armenian people blinded his reasoning and ability to make decisions. He is leading his people to disaster.