The Azerbaijanis destroyed the Madatashen village school, the House of Culture, the monument and damaged the Surb Astvatsatsin church in Artsakh. Monitoring of the cultural heritage of Artsakh the site writes:

“According to satellite images from October 10, 2021, the enemy destroyed a school in the village of Madatashen in the Askeran district and reached the wall of the church at the school, which, in fact, is under threat. Since 2015, the school has been renamed “Madatashen”, in the building of which the village administration and the House of Culture were also located. Next to the church there was a monument to the victims of the Artsakh war, which the enemy also destroyed immediately after the occupation of the village. The video  distributed by the Azerbaijani side clearly shows how an armed Azerbaijani soldier breaks and destroys.

The history of the village of Madatashen begins in the middle of the XVII century, and received its name on behalf of the general of the Russian army Valerian Madatov. It is located 24 km from Stepanakert. The St. Astvatsatsin Church of the village was built in 1904. The wall of the church was damaged, the roof, too.