On April 27, 2017 – 11:00 am, the event “In the memory of victims of the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians during 1894-1923”, organized by the Government of Western Armenia State, took place at Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex beside the eternal flame and the pillar of renaissance. During the event, a Declaration was published on the responsibilities undertaken by the Republic of Western Armenia for the defense of rights of the Armenian people, minorities and other natives living in Western Armenia, Cilicia and Middle East. Speeches were made on serious possible reflections of the present geopolitical developments in the Middle East to the destiny of the occupied territories of Western Armenia and Cilicia, taking into account the obligations of our sovereignty and by the virtue of our responsibilities towards the Armenians of Western Armenia and Cilicia. This declaration has been signed by the representatives of Greek community in behalf of Greeks of Western Armenia living in the Republic of Armenia, representatives of Assyrian community in behalf of Assyrians living in RA and representatives of Yezid community in behalf of Yezids living in RA. We would like to remind you that this declaration will be open for all ethnic and religious minorities of Western Armenia and Cilicia, as well as those living in the territory of Middle East, to sign and join it.

The Government of the Republic of Western Armenia April 27, 2017