The number of 460 thousand visitors who visited the ancient place of worship of the 12-thousand-year-old Portasar in the Urfa province of Western Armenia for 10 months of this year is considered the highest figure in history. This ancient structure is considered the “zero point of history”.

    Portasar, which has attracted the attention of tourists since its opening, continues to receive thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. In 2022 and 2023, hotel reservations have already begun from abroad. New hotels will be built now, and tourism will become a very important source of income for this region.

Dear compatriots, as you can see, the historical sights of Western Armenia are limitless. Every time we discover a new place, we are filled with new feelings. And what we already have is our national wealth and pride. Let’s preserve the priceless heritage that comes to us from our grandfathers.