The war in Artsakh became an occasion for young people in Javakhk to organize themselves in one day and create a foundation called ‘Javakhk Next to the Armenian’, which sent humanitarian cargo and money to Armenia during the war. Who are the representatives of the foundation and what programs do they have? The Chairman of the Foundation, Karen Papikyan, presented the organization he created, told some details about his activities and the activities of his colleagues. 

According to him, the “Javakhk next to the Armenian” organization, founded during the year of the war, organized a number of patriotic and charitable actions. Of course, there were also a large number of patriots participating in the war, who were more than a good deed.

It should be recalled that the majority of Javakhk residents are descendants of those who escaped from the Genocide committed against Armenians. We would like to note what devoted sons of Western Armenia have given and how vital and important is the unity of the Armenian people scattered around the world.