Armenia’s relations with some third country are a theorem,  it is an axiom with Russia. Armenian President Armen Sarkissian stated this in an interview with ‘Arguments and Facts’ newspaper.

    Answering the question about relations with other countries and Russia, the Armenian President said: “However, among all countries there is one with which it is pointless to discuss relations. This is Russia, because it is impossible to discuss what was previously agreed. We lived in the Ottoman Empire for several hundred years, and then in the Russian Empire. As a result, the Armenian Republic, which was in the Russian Empire, is now an independent Armenia.

President Armenak Abrahamyan’s response was not late: “Western Armenia has also gained independence, but today it is not fully sovereign due to the genocide and occupation of its territory, including Artsakh. Within the framework of its right to self-determination, Western Armenia has restored its national council, parliament and government,  ​used other mechanisms for its survival”.

    There are as many Armenians in Russia today as there are in Armenia. And in Turkey (Western Armenia) there were more of them. You asked if the current changes could affect relations with Russia. The important thing is that I don’t even want to discuss the strength of our countries’ friendship. For me, this is an axiom.”