In the village of Kolatak, Martakert after the war, the number of people increased, not decreased: residents deprived of their homes, as well as the military arms moved here.

    After the war, as a result of a trilateral agreement, the Aghdam  passed to Azerbaijan; seven villages of the Martakert region were included in it. These villages were expelled from Armenia in just one day. But the shots and bayraktars did not reach  the village Kolotak. During the 44-day war, Kolatak became a “shelter”. In the village after the war, the number of people did not decrease, but increased. Before the war, 258 people lived in the village, now 327. After the war, the village lives a quiet life. The only school in the village has 6 teachers, 50 students and 26 children from the neighboring village of Tbglu attend here.

    Residents are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding. A “WOW Glamping” ecotourism for tourists is being built in the lower part of the village, besides a new factory will be open soon.

Kolatak residents also  have great hopes on the restoration of the Hakopavank, which was  built in the 7th century and not functioning after the 19th century.