It is planned to restore the monument “Zakhar’s Fortress’ ‘ of the pagan period of the Katnakhbyur community of Aragatsotn region, which is one of the most prototypical historical monuments and was built from the 1st BC till 1st  AD centuries.

As it transmits””Armenpress”, in the GNO” service for the protection of the historical and cultural museums-reserves ” report that the fortress had a large number of large barns, stone mangers, long stone stairs, thick walls. The most significant excavations on the territory of the fortress were carried out in the early 1990s by the group of the famous archaeologist Yesai Asatryan. At this time, objects of great importance were found from the territory of the fortress. Recently, a memorandum was signed at the school of Nerkin Bazmaberd village of Aragatsotn region, named after Yesai Asatryan, according to which work on cleaning and landscaping of the archaeological monument “Zakar’s Fortress”, as well as further scientific research, will begin in 2022. The memorandum was signed between the family of Yesai Asatryan, the Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment and Historical and Cultural Museum Reserves, the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences.

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