According to the Lragir website, a group of Artsakh women met with the commander of the peacekeeping forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Gennady Anashkin, to express their concern about the unpunished crimes carried out by Azerbaijan recently. They stated the need to review the existing security mechanisms. The appeal lists Baku’s crimes under the peacekeepers and the circumstances of human casualties. The last was a bloody incident on November 9th. As the website notes, they previously addressed the topic of the presence of Russian troops in Artsakh. According to the website, the peacekeepers are in Artsakh under the Armenian-Turkish deal. Security is not about peacekeepers, but political guarantees in the form of status and international recognition. Artsakh is not beholden to Russia, on the contrary, Russia will pay very dearly for everything it has been doing against Artsakh since 1813.