As unbelievable as it may seem, Western Armenia continues its course in the field of the Law of the Sea since after the ratification of the Montego Bay Convention, they established the EEZ on August 9th 2016. Thist means that an occupied area of the planet, a state in the process for recognition, finally claims officially its EEZ as sovereign right. So whoever believed that the signing was simply a diplomatic move for impression purposes, they now have to admit that there finally is a stratagem for the act and this comes to establish a condition which seemed inconceivable even in the recent past. And yet the proclamation is done and in fact with the example of Cyprus. So Armenag Aprahamian with the National Assembly of Western Armenia follows the strategic path of which Tasos Papadopoulos opened in 2004 with the proclamation of the cypriot EEZ. In simple words two countries, two states which have occupied territories, refugees, missing and enclaved people, without fearing anything, continue his work within the context of International Law and the Law of the Sea, because they believed in the strategy and utilized it without phobias. Western Armenia shows also a tangible example to Pontus, since with this act it helps practically Eastern Pontus. This means in practice that Western Armenia not only does not expect to be justified only by the others but fights effectively and on its own, making use of all the legal tools it has available through the Serves Treaty of 1920 and the Rights of Indigenous People of 2007. Also, because it has access to Euxinus Pontus, it has sovereign rights also in the energy issues. In this sense the victims of genocide are also justified which didn’t have the capability to enjoy this valuable asset. All this data will make it difficult for the servile people which cannot put one foot in front of the other and still delay us in Greece for the proclamation of the greek EEZ. The cypriot EEZ was proclaimed in 2004, the armenian in 2016 and in Greece we are still wondering when the appropriate moment will be. What is important is that another country passed onto the next stage and now an idea which seemed inconceivable is real and which still remains for many. But a reality doesn’t change. The citizens of Western Armenia finally have also an EEZ by the most official way and grace to its own strengths.