Concerning the Internal Situation of the Republic of Armenia and the Peaceful Resolution of the Questions Related to Artsakh


“One of the most important causes for the abrupt rise of tensions in Armenia is the emergence of a new option to resolve the questions related to Artsakh, including the eventuality of territorial retrocession and other similar options which are extremely sensitive for the Armenian society. It is obvious that such approaches will not lead to the bloodless resolution of the armed opposition nor to a just and definite resolution of the Artsakh question.


Consequently, we would like to attract Your attention, in the present case, to the fact that such fundamental questions related to Artsakh, the Republic of Armenia, the Near East, Western Armenia may and must be solved exclusively within the legal field, considering all the decisions regarding Armenia and Armenians that have been made throughout the 1920-s and have not yet been implemented. Among these decisions are: the 92nd article of the Peace Treaty of Sèvres concerning the boundary between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, the articles of the Treaty of Sèvres concerning Armenia, the 28th President of the United States of America – Woodrow Wilson’s Arbitral Award concerning the boundary between Armenia and Turkey.


We would like You to acknowledge that Armenians living in the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh, the Near East, Western Armenia and everywhere else are entitled to dignity, sustainable development and perspective.


We would like You to consider that during the recent period, starting from 1988 the Armenians living in Artsakh, the Republic of Armenia, the Near East have been the target of hostile plans and actions, such as, aggression, assault, deportation and blockade. Furthermore, these assaults and destruction have not only been enacted on Armenians and Armenian citizens in the region, not only on cities and villages but also on the Armenian civilizational heritage at large – churches, schools, historic and cultural edifices.


It is undeniable that Armenia and Armenians have immensely suffered and that this cannot last any longer. It is high time to fundamentally change the situation in the region and ensure peace and development.


The meaning of the present Address is to encourage Your positive, constructive response and action.”


Government of Republic of the Western Armenia,

Press Office