Candidate of Legal Sciences, specialist in international law, lawyer Aram Orbelian, referring to the establishment of Azerbaijani customs points on the Goris-Kapan interstate highway and the establishment of appropriate control, notes that, in fact, the Azerbaijani side is blocking the road for the Armenian side.

    According to him, “everything is very simple, logical, but at the same time illegal. By the way, according to his  assessment, this is illegal from the point of view of international law, since these territories are the territories of the Republic of Armenia. At the same time, the Armenian authorities legitimize these illegal actions from the point of view of international law, claiming that it is Azerbaijan, and they can do anything on the territory of Azerbaijan. This part has not yet been delimited in any way, and demarcation cannot occur without a legal basis”. To the question concerning the demarcation  of the border has not officially started, according to official statements of Armenia, will there be an opportunity to discuss the issue of ownership of this section on the Goris-Kapan highway before that, Orbelian noted that if the same people will remain in power, there is no need to speak about negotiations.

    The Government of Western Armenia reminds that all those decisions that are to the detriment of the Armenian nation’s rights will be considered invalid, and there is a study on demarcation of the eastern border  in Azerbaijan on the  demographic data related to article 230 of the Treaty of Sevres.