Residents of villages under threat of a possible attack by the Turkish armed forces in the Kurdish-populated areas in northern Syria have begun to leave their homes. According to the Syrian Democratic Forces, so far 15 villages between the Tel Tamer and Ayn Isa districts have been completely emptied. Press Secretary Ferhad Shami, saying that Turkey is preparing a new military operation, noted:”accompanied by occupied Turkish soldiers and armored vehicles, hundreds of mercenaries were stationed at various parts. They have repeatedly tried to provoke our forces”. 

52-year-old resident of the village of Ain-Abid Abdulkerim Ahmed, in an interview with the Kurdish media, noted that he was afraid of a possible attack by the Turks. “People will definitely suffer harm. They will be forced to leave their homes and emigrate. We will lose our livelihood,” he stressed and called on the international community to prevent a possible war.