With the blessing of Catholicos  Garegin II, the publishing house of Holy Etchmiadzin, cooperating with ‘ the Collage’ publishing house specializing in the publication of maps of Armenia, with the financing of the Armenian Charitable Union, published the maps “spiritual and historical monuments of Artsakh” (in Armenian, English and Russian). This is the first experience of the publishing house of the Holy Etchmiadzin in publishing a separate map, however, in terms of churches and monasteries, there is no precedent.

The maps are also exceptional from the point of view of demarcation, since the borders of the territories occupied by Artsakh, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and now the Azerbaijani armed forces in 2020 are indicated in three different lines, through which one can clearly see monasteries, churches and monuments of historical and religious significance that remain in captivity.