In the fortress located in the historical quarter of Kharberd in the province of Kharberd of Western Armenia, where they began to live in the 3rd millennium BC, and the walls were built during the Ararat Kingdom, new discoveries have appeared, according to which the history of the fortress reaches 5 thousand years ago 2200 years ago. Excavations started 8 years ago and continue  till today.

    This year, during excavations in the Urartian period, 20 thousand objects, two reservoirs and about a thousand square meters were found inside the western walls. Among the discovered objects there are also ceramics belonging to the Kur-Araks culture. The presence of black, carved drawings and ornamental ritual vessels suggests that they were used during religious and cult ceremonies, and the fortress was 5 thousand years old.

    Of course, we know that on the plains and near the banks of the Euphrates, people lived here earlier about  10-11 thousand years ago. Nevertheless, these finds found in the center of the Kharberd fortress will enrich our list of information.