On Western Armenia TV within the framework of the “Getting to Know Ourselves” program, sociologist, cultural critic Karine Hakobyan presented the role of Armenian culture in the formation of the state, self-knowledge of the Armenian species, noting that culture is everything that is created during the development. The Armenian people have a thousand-year history not only physically, but also creatively, and are one of those exceptional nations to which this talent is given.

Touching upon the national identity, I consider it important to emphasize that over the past 30 years it has not been laid in the foundation of statehood, which is why today the Armenian people are facing big  problems. It was about the damage caused to the Armenian culture by the common Soviet policy, the purpose of which was to equalize 15 states in terms of their importance..

Ms. Hakobyan also presented in detail the commonalities and differences of the various branches of culture preserved after the  Genocide of Armenian people in Eastern Armenia or other parts of the world, noting that in this context they have undergone great changes and differ from the indigenous culture of Western Armenia.