Hours after the Kurdish police (Asayish) and the Arab tribesmen of the National Defense Forces (NDF) began to clash inside Qamishli, the Assyrian forces (Sootooro and Hamiya Al-Jazeerah) launched a counter-attack near the Security Box after several of their fighters were arrested by the Asayish. Intense clashes are still ongoing between the pro-government forces and the Asayish in Qamishli; however, the battle is deadlocked, despite claims made by Kurdish activists regarding the alleged capture of the Qamishli Central Prison. According to a military source in Qamishli, 5 NDF soliders have been killed and over 30 others, including Sootooro and Hamiya Al-Jazeerah, were reportedly wounded.

The NDF tribesmen that were killed by the Asayish are the following: Dhiab Mohammad Ibrahim, Ziad Mohammad, Ma’an Al-Saalam, Hadi Makhlif Al-Salameh, and Colonel Jalil (last name not provided). Asayish casualties could not be verified.

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