Azerbaijanis destroyed cemeteries in the villages of Shnakh in the Askeran Region and Hin Tagher in the Hadrut Region. This was stated by the Armenian Ambassador to Greece Tigran Mkrtchyan.

 “Many people were interested in why after November 9 some Armenian families dug graves in order to transport the remains of their loved ones from Azerbaijani-controlled areas. With its actions, Baku has shown why. And this is a barbarism that continues,” the ambassador wrote on Twitter. Earlier it became known that the Azerbaijanis destroyed the Armenian church of St. Astvatsatsin in Mehakavan (Jabrail). According to the National UNESCO Commission of Armenia, the Armenian church was completely destroyed after it came under the control of the Azerbaijanis. The same church was subjected to the latest military aggression of vandalism. In early March, it became known that the Azerbaijanis partially destroyed the Kanach Zham Church in Shushi and destroyed the monument to Hovhannes Tevosyan. In addition, during the war, the Ghazanchetsots Church in Shushi was shelled twice. Later, the Azerbaijanis, under the pretext of restoring the church, removed the bells from there.

Western Armenia, with such barbarities inherent in the Turks and Azeris, once again strictly condemns and recalls that the Turkish state did the same with the historical and cultural heritage of Western Armenia.