The massacres initiated by the Hamid Ottoman regiments in 1894 continued in the Dersim district of Western Armenia and caused more massacres, fraught with more severe consequences in 1915, which this time were initiated by the Allies with a policy of deportation and assimilation. The ongoing policy of genocide, cultural assimilation, which continues to this day after the pogroms of 1937-1938, caused damage to Dersim.

Along with the physical destruction of the indigenous Armenian people, all kinds of interference was undertaken in their culture, faith, customs and traditions, which brought the Armenian identity to the extent of its denial.

The “Dersim Hay” platform has opened the field for the struggle for survival and preservation of the culture and identity of the indigenous people of Dersim, who were tried to eradicate by the above-mentioned policy. As Dersim Armenians and their friends, we decided to rally around the Dersim Hay platform and become one body.

Our goal is to strengthen ties with the Armenians of Western Armenia scattered all over the world and our brothers and friends living in Dersim, as well as cultural activities to freely live in Dersim of ethnic Armenian identity and culture, to create projects for economically contributing to Dersim.