The press service of the “VaticanNews” published an article in which it touched upon the aggressive actions of the Azerbaijani side on the eastern border of Armenia on November 14-16. In the section “Heritage of Art and Culture” of the article, it is noted that after last year’s ceasefire, along with deep concern for the future of thousands of displaced people, the international community showed great attention to the spiritual cultural heritage of the region.

“It is still considered a central problem today. Clear messages on the protection of the spiritual and cultural heritage of Artsakh began a year ago. Our concern has increased significantly as a result of the repeated bombing of the Kazanchetsots Church in Shushi in October, and, in particular, numerous reports of cases of desecration. In fact, we are talking about four thousand historical, religious and cultural monuments of Artsakh, which are now under the control of Azerbaijan, and each of them is considered a powerful spiritual and cultural heritage, their disappearance will mean an irreversible loss for humanity,” the article says.

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