On November 9, 2020, Armenians around the world were shocked to know that the armed actions imposed by Azerbaijan and Turkey on the indigenous Armenian people of Artsakh were abruptly interrupted by the imposition of an agreement giving consent to the foreign usurpation of eighty-five percent of the ancestral Armenian territory, which has since been illegally occupied by peoples who committed military aggression.

This document was signed by the  Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

As was expressed in writing by the President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abramyan at the time of the events, today we confirm that this trilateral agreement has no force in relation to the sovereign Armenian people of Artsakh, which is an integral part of the sovereign people of the Republic of Western Armenia.

Azerbaijan’s unilateral attack, coordinated and jointly carried out also by Turkey, was carried out in clear violation of all existing UN rules, contrary to the directives of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, and during the 44 days of the “war” the civilian population was subjected to continuous attacks, wounded and killed, becoming victims of a vile attack through  repeated war crimes.

Even today, dozens of Armenian soldiers from the of Western Armenia are abducted and tried by Azerbaijan, and the world still does not react.

We can only condemn the fact that in the face of the illegal attack of Azerbaijan and Turkey on the ancient people of Artsakh by the “civilized world”, there was not enough reaction either to stop the hostilities or to eliminate the usurpation, which is a direct consequence.

The Prime Minister of the current Republic of Armenia is the Prime Minister of the state that on September 21, 1991 received international consent to become an independent state and separate in international law from the State of Armenia, which was established in 1920.

In the absence of any international recognition of the fact that Artsakh is part of the current Republic of Armenia, and any international recognition that it is an independent state, Artsakh, fortunately, remains part of the Armenian state of 1920 and is subjected to an absurd claim to the so-called territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, which has no serious historical or legal basis.

Since the Armenian state of 1920 now has a successor state – the Republic of Western Armenia, which ratified the Treaty of Sevres in 2016, Artsakh is an integral part of the Republic of Western Armenia until an international legal decision to the contrary is made.

Despite the above mentioned statement, since 1992 (and to this day), the decision on the legal status of Artsakh has been taken by the OSCE Minsk Group under the imposition of the dominant world powers.

It is absolutely clear from the above that the trilateral document signed by the current Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia is absolutely alien to the will of the people of Artsakh, which is an integral part of the people of Western Armenia, and therefore is beyond doubt. No decision adopted in it can be opposed to the sovereign people of Artsakh, since it was signed by three foreign states (although one of these states is part of the Armenian people and its homeland), which do not have legal representation of the people or territory of Artsakh in the context of its right to self-determination.

Taking the opportunity of this public statement, we ask that the Republic of Western Armenia, through its legal and diplomatic representation, be included in the OSCE Minsk Group, otherwise all decisions taken there will be declared illegal by the UN Security Council, without legal force.

Since neither representatives of the people of Artsakh nor representatives of the State of Western Armenia were invited to sign the aforementioned document, the people of Artsakh, who are the successor of the Armenian people of Western Armenia, do not recognize what was signed there, and we declare to the whole world that the time will come when we will liberate the ancient, indigenous, ancestral, biblical and sacred Armenian territories of Artsakh occupied by Turkish and Azerbaijani invaders.

Dr. Guillermo Alejandro Karamanian.

Consul of the Republic of Western Armenia in the Argentine Republic.