Russian politician Alexander Sherin on  the Russian First Channel, speaking about Russian-Turkish relations, in particular, said: “the words sounding from Turkey about Russia are false and only words. I think we should also move to this format and start talking, expressing our opinion about Cyprus. Finally, Russia should talk about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Artsakh, when NATO member Turkey openly defended Azerbaijan against our CSTO ally in the last war. It must be said  that in all wars, Turkey has never been an ally of Russia, on the contrary, Turkey  has always been against both the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire throughout its history. 

And even now, when we are building a nuclear power plant there with our own money, it is unclear why we are strengthening Turkey’s energy sector, our S-400 air defense systems, gas, and much more, we give them at a cheap price. It is time to remind Turkey how the Bolsheviks gave them the historical lands of the Armenians and that the Holy Mount Ararat is still on their territory. We have always been silent about this, and if Turkey speaks contrary to our interests, then it is time for Russia to start talking about all this.”

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