Cilicia-1915-We present to you the Red Cross or the flag of the Savior, under which the 40-day heroic battle of Musa Dagh took place. A French warship from the sea noticed this flag on the top of Mount Musa and came to the aid of the defenders of Musa Dagh. The flag is kept in the Anjara Museum (Lebanon). 

The flag of the Musalerians depicts the same Red Cross on a white background. Under this banner, they opposed and defeated the Turkish army, which committed genocide. The photo shows members of the Mount Musa Resistance with the same flag. 

Armenians on top of Musa Dagh call for help in 1915. (Credit: Public domain)

Georgian historian Nodar Asatiani calls the current flag of Georgia “Gorgasayl flag”, symbolizing Christianity. Since 2004, the official flag of Georgia, in fact, is also the official flag of Cilicia, as evidenced by its design.

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