Recently, another aggression by Azerbaijan along the eastern borders of Armenia has caused serious security problems for the region and Artsakh. What threats have arisen for Artsakh, the correspondent of “Artsakhpress” tried to find out from military expert Vladimir Harutyunyan.

According to Harutyunyan, “the military-political leadership of Artsakh in Armenia and on various international platforms should keep the topic of the Artsakh issue, the aggression of Azerbaijan and the humanitarian crisis on the priority agenda. They must also create the necessary guarantees and social conditions to prevent the leakage of civilians and organize the normal life and activities of people in Artsakh. With the close cooperation of the human rights defender, law enforcement agencies and Russian peacekeepers, it is necessary to give a legal course in any case of violation of the ceasefire. 

They must conduct consistent work to counter the information war declared by the enemy and create its own “information troops”.