A number of citizens who visited the Armenian Monastery of the Holy Apostles in Mush in Western Armenia called on the local authorities to restore the half-ruined monastery.

According to the Turkish ‘Anadolu’ news agency, the citizens walked around the Armenian church destroyed by the thieves and expressed a wish that the historical monument be renovated in order to develop tourism in the region.

As it is known, the Monastery of the Holy Apostles in Mush, which is currently located in the village of Kepenek (Arak) in the center of the Mush province of Western Armenia, was founded in the 4th century by St. Gregory the Illuminator. The Holy Apostles of Mush before 1915 the genocide committed against the Armenians was one of the most famous sanctuaries of the region. The monastery in 1960 was exploded with dynamite by the Mush governor’s office, as a result of which only 2 churches have survived from this monastic complex. The monastery was renovated in 1125.

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