The Armenian platform Dersim has undertaken a project “Development of Beekeeping in Dersim against migration and unemployment, distribution of bees to 50 poor peasants”. The platform’s statement notes that the purpose of the program is to stimulate profitable activities in the region and use the labor force in such a way as to prevent migration. 

The representative of the platform Areg Karra made a statement on this topic, saying: “We want to offer many projects for Dersim. The reason for this is Dersim, where we, as Armenians, can freely express ourselves. We want to strengthen our brotherhood and cooperate with the Dersimians”.

Within the framework of the project, wax producers, organizations for the production of beekeeping materials and equipment will also have their share of profits, which will be reflected in their own markets. More plants will be grown on the Dersim plateaus and villages, which will create an attractive condition for beekeepers in obtaining better products.

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